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Granobil®, food supplement with sweetener and Usnea Barbata extract. For mouth and throat. Lozenges.

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Usage and dosing: Slowly dissolve 1 to 2 lozenges in your mouth three to four times per day.

Storage: Keep Granobil® lozenges at room temperature, protected against damp and light.
Keep out of reach of children!

The recommended daily dosage must not be exceeded.
Food supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet.
A well-balanced and varied diet as well as a healthy lifestyle are very important for your health.

Ingredients: acacia gum, concentrated pear juice, orange powder, Usnea Barbata extract, acid: citric acid, colour: caramel colour, vegetable oil, sweetener: sodium saccharinate, glazing agent: beeswax.
Does not contain menthol, gluten, yeast, lactose.

Granobil® contains in: 1 lozenge 8 lozenges
Usnea Barbata extract 18 mg 144 mg


Manufactured in the EU. GrandeVita, d. o. o., Jalnova ulica 49, 1000 Ljubljana, www.grandevita.si, in collaboration with dr. Grandel GmbH, Germany.

Granobil®, food supplement with sweetener and Usnea Barbata extract. For mouth and throat.

Granobil® lozenges contain a unique combination of natural ingredients: Usnea Barbata extract, acacia gum and concentrated pear juice.
Usnea Barbat, a type of lichen that grows in clean environments, particularly mountainous areas, is the main ingredient.
Acacia gum (Gummi arabicum) obtained from the dry bark juice extract of the Senegalia senegal melts in the mouth and creates a thin protective layer.
The concentrated pear juice gives the lozenges a distinct flavour.
Due to the protective layer created by their ingredients, Granobil® lozenges have a beneficial effect on the mucosa of the mouth and throat, and reduce dryness and irritation (ideal for singers, speakers, smokers).

Net: 20 g (20 lozenges)
60 g (60 lozenges)

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