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Grandevita - Zaupanja vredni partnerji s katerimi delimo vrednote Grandevita - Zaupanja vredni partnerji s katerimi delimo vrednote

Trusted Partners,
With Whom We Share Values

Trusted Partners,
With Whom We Share Values

Grandevita stands as a beacon of excellence, dedicated to providing premium nutritional supplements and cosmetic products that elevate health, radiate beauty, and promote overall well-being. That assignment is realized through strategic alliances with esteemed suppliers renowned for their reliability and quality of their products. Our partners are distinguished brands that uphold the most rigorous criteria for efficacy and safety, making their mark across a wide array of markets. 
Dr. Grandel is a family-owned German company that has been successfully innovating and bringing top-quality nutritional supplements and exceptional cosmetic products to the market for over seven decades. The company blends tradition with cutting-edge production techniques, all built upon a solid foundation of scientific progress and innovative breakthroughs, aiming to secure enduring consumer trust across generations. Dr. Grandel is dedicated to producing the highest quality products, adhering to stringent manufacturing practices while emphasizing resource conservation and a commitment to environmental and social responsibility. 
Our newest partnership is with the remarkable Dr. Wolz, a German family-owned business with more than fifty years of heritage. The company's philosophy hinges on the delivery of products formulated with scientifically-researched ingredients known for their efficacy. Each product is rich with natural components, directly sourced from nature. They are crafted through an intensive process that guarantees the high bioavailability of the ingredients. A particular focus is placed on the synergistic effects of the ingredients. Dr. Wolz is committed to outstanding product quality and customer satisfaction, objectives achieved by innovative strategies and compliance with the most stringent certification standards. 
Minami Nutrition, a Belgian enterprise, specializes in crafting premium omega-3 nutritional supplements. The excellence of Minami products stems from global expertise in developing pure, high-quality supplements. The company employs a patented, eco-friendly production technique—supercritical CO2 technology—which facilitates the attainment of the highest omega-3 concentrations and unmatched purity. This method generates 75% less heat compared to competing processes, resulting in exceptionally pure fish oil, rich in essential fatty acids (90-95%). It is this remarkable purity and potency that often leads aficionados to acclaim Minami products as "probably the best in the world" within the essential fatty acids category. 
Anxiofit Ltd., established in Hungary in 2007 by Professors Tamas Freund and Jozsef Haller, is dedicated to creating nutritional supplements that enhance well-being and assist a growing number of individuals grappling with anxiety, stress, internal pressures, and sleep disturbances. These founding scientists have identified, through numerous studies, the anxiolytic properties of Echinacea angustifolia, particularly its action on endocannabinoid receptors. Furthermore, research has demonstrated that the patented Echinacea angustifolia root extract, EP107™, does not induce the sedative side effects commonly associated with many existing treatments. Products featuring EP107™ have been successfully introduced to markets in the United States, Austria, Turkey, Hungary, and, as of late 2022, Slovenia. 

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